We have Moved!

Yes. It has been a busy 3 years for us and we are so caught up with everything 3D that our dreams have turned 3D :>. Here we are extending our WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE for our printers of up to 50% to CNY! Enjoy! All prices are in US Dollar and note the GST 7% charges if you are buying in Singapore.

If you are located in Singapore, please call us at +65 81821602 or to make an appointment. Our Address: 10 Upper Aljunied Link, #03-09, Johnson Controls Building, Singapore 367904

Please use the following coupon codes to enjoy the discount if you are purchasing from our online store.

M.O.B 3D Printer (30% off) - F1C74C7CE046

Portabee 3D Printer Kit (20% off) - EDBF4FD4C32D

Durbie 3D Printer Kit (30% off) - 7FDA0412E3A1

Portabee 30 3D Printer (40% off!!) - 021E657344FD