We have Moved!

Yes. It has been a busy 3 years for us and we are so caught up with everything 3D that our dreams have turned 3D :>. We have cleared most of our items during our WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE. We are currently working doubly hard to deliver our second batch of the portabee Go 3D printer. All prices are in US Dollar and note the GST 7% charges if you are buying in Singapore.

If you are located in Singapore, please call us at +65 81821602 or to make an appointment. Our Address: 10 Upper Aljunied Link, #03-09, Johnson Controls Building, Singapore 367904

Please use the following coupon codes to enjoy the discount if you are purchasing from our online store.

M.O.B 3D Printer (30% off, 8 pieces left) - F1C74C7CE046

Durbie 3D Printer Kit (30% off, 2 pieces left) - 7FDA0412E3A1

Portabee 30 3D Printer (40% off!!, 3 pieces left) - 021E657344FD